Top Road Bike Makers

Top Road Bike Makers

Road bikes are becoming more and more popular today especially as gas prices continue to rise. People want a comfortable bike that they can ride on the roads that will handle well. They need to be able to maneuver the bikes and therefore they cannot be too heavy but at the same time will need to be heavy enough to stand up to the various challenges found on the road.

Road bikes are designed for handling on the road but usually will have handle bars that are similar to those found on a mountain bike. One of the best rated road bike manufacturers is Scott with Shimano coming in a close second. When making your selection it is important that you get a bike that is the right size for you. A bike that is too big will be difficult to control whereas a bike that is too small can result in knee injuries and other problems.

There is a wide price range available and many good quality options for those who are just beginning. The majority of road bikes being sold currently are for daily use so quality is a big factor. When you are in search of the right bike for you first you should determine the size you will need. You can do this by trying out a few different sizes in the store. Not by riding them of course but simply by sitting on them. You should be comfortable and not feeling like you are strained to reach the floor.

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